Non-Connected Wireless Natural Gas Alarms for Enhanced Safety

March 7, 2023

Natural gas companies across the United States are realizing the importance of using technology for the detection of natural gas leaks in our communities and not relying simply on the human nose. The DeNova Detect® ML-310ES Natural Gas Detector can take the guesswork out of the equation for home or business owners when it comes to a potential natural gas leak. The ML-310ES gas detector uses micro-electromechanical systems or MEMS which allows for a more accurate and quicker response time to a leak at 10% LEL. The result allows emergency personnel to respond quickly for and an increased window of time to safely evacuate the area. The goal remains the same – protecting lives and property.


The battery powered device can be installed by the consumer by simply securing it on the wall close to ceiling where natural gas is more accurately detected.


Consumers have heard of smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors, but most have never heard of one for natural gas. Supplying or offering natural gas detectors is an excellent opportunity to promote their use and reinforce safety messaging surrounding natural gas. Implementing an education program around discounted or even free natural gas detectors is the perfect way to enhance public image and safety surrounding the use of natural gas.

Example program collateral:


Heath also offers connected devices that takes the onus off of the consumer to respond to a natural gas alarm. Our connected devices operate on either the LoRaWAN or Itron Gen 5 Networks. They feature the same 10% LEL alarm threshold utilizing MEMS sensor technology.